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New Release of Triacta Meter Manager On March 28th, a new version of TMM will be released (

What Changed? Energy Summary and Installation Record reports have been consolidated with the Data Export feature to streamline the reporting process and take advantage of the new and improved tree view. The old pages have been retired.

What remains the same? The menu items have not changed, but will redirect you to the Data Export page.

Bug Fixes A total of 16 bugs have been addressed and fixed, such as the slot breaker default being changed to 90 from 100, and an increased timeout for large report downloads. Password security enhancements have also been made.

If you have any questions, please contact

Triacta Meter Manager Team
March 19, 2023

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About Triacta Meter Manager

Triacta Meter Manager

New in this version

  • Improve encryption for user passwords

  • Allow @ in username

  • Slot breaker default changed to 90

  • Energy Summary report moved to Data Export

  • Installation Record report moved to Data Export

  • A total of 18 bug fixes improving user experience

Thank you for choosing Triacta for your sub-metering needs!